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I'm chilling with your hommies  / Natalie Casas (Good Friend )
 Chunky buddy  well I'm in North Carolina never thought I'd be out of florida again but here I am, Chrystal said she needed me to be here so I thought that you would want me to be with her so I got on a plane and here I am. I met your sisters and brothers and they are all so funny did you here chrystals joke about the missing kids at the walmart OMG shes so funny, I took britney and chrystal shopping at old navy and we had a blast, some how I have this feeling like you sent me over here to take care of them so I'm going to help as much as i can with all that i can. Your mom is the sweetest person I have ever met in my whole entire life i'm starting to think i like her more then my mom  he he... She asks me alot of questions about you she wants to here all the stories even the bad ones but she laughs about all the funny stuff you use to do at doors or around the hotel, your dad I love all his tattoos and how it seems like his main purpose in life is to make everyone laugh did you see the video i shot he could of been a model,  dont worry about britney she found her self a nice guy who is gonna make sure she's okay.  And Ashleys strong she'll make i through well today we're goning to have a pic-nic on the beach so that should be fun, we have something really special plan for your birthday but I'm not telling  I'm sworn to secretcy, I just wanted to let you know it involves alot of your favorite stuff FOOD.  It feels great here its like having a family all over again. Well I love you and I miss you sooooooooo much, Please watch over me and tre we've been doing alot better since you been watching over so just make sure he dont get in no trouble and help me with what I'm working on YOU know what that is. I love you forever. Your Friend Natalie        
hey babe  / Crystal Frakes (girlfriend)
hey babe! Today is saturday and its one day until your b day!! today we are going to have a pick nic at the beach and tomorrow.... not sure of what we will be doing!!! I love you and Hope that you are having a great time playing pool with the angels!! We went and had dinner last night and boy oh boy!!! Lets just say I had everyone laughing so hard I thought they would pee there pants!! I love you and thought about  you yesterday and had my moments! but i'm sure you know that!  Papa made me laugh and mom hugged me and I had nat and brittany there for me to! It was nice to see some true friends come back around you know what  i mean! well babe Love you lots and miss you more and more! Love always and forever your babe!!! Crystal
Thinking of you  / Mom
Hey bud.....well tomorrow is your b-day.We are going to have a bbq to celebrate your life.Natalie is here for your b-day.She is very nice.She is telling me some of your crazy stories.We are taking you to your favorite beach in the morning so you better send me a sign.It's going to really hard not hearing your voice tomorrow,and hearing how you celebrated.I love you honey and will always have you in my heart.Love Mom
Thinking of you  / Eva Turos (Friend)
hey james, i have been thinking about you alot lately. this month is really hard for me. last year at this time, every morning you would come up to meafter meeting and remind me of how many days we had left until our birthday. i remember our birthday party last year in MO. i remember not working that day so that i could set up the place for our party. i can remember it like it was yesterday. when we walked in it said in big letters happy birthday james and eva. we had ice cream cakes and everyone was doing karoke at the bar. we had so much fun. this year is so different with out you. i miss everything about you, i miss you smile, you are a great person. i miss you running up to me and counting down for us with a big smile on your face. i miss so much. its still hard to believe that your gone. i wish i could wake up and see your smile in meeting our you dancing in the parking lot. i miss joking with you about you boobs. i miss everything. keep smile for us from up there, thinking of you always and forever...................Eva
one week  / Mom
One week until your birthday.This was the birthday you always wanted to come.Your friends will be here with me on your birthday.I think we will go to the beach on that day.I never thought this would ever happen.Its funny you really find out who your true friends are though something like this.Today is fathers day and Tim had a dragonfly working in the yard with him today.Please send me a smile and get me through this next week.I love you with all my heart.
miss ya  / Eva Turos (Friend)
Just a little note to you from me
Because you are very special,
don't you see?

I miss you, but i know
no matter where I go,

There you are within my heart
That special bond will never part.

I miss ya james and I think about you everyday. rest in peace our sweet angel^i^
Everytime I hear this song  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)
"When I Need You"

When I need you
Just close my eyes and I'm with you
And all that I so want to give you
It's only a heart beat away

When I need love
I hold out my hands and I touch love
I never knew there was so much love
Keeping me warm night and day

Miles and miles of empty space in between us
A telephone can't take the place of your smile
But you know I wont be traveling for ever
It's cold out, but hold out and do like I do

When I need you
Just close my eyes and I'm with you
And all that I so want to give you babe
It's only a heartbeat away

It's not easy when the road is your driver
Honey, that's a heavy load that we bear
But you know I won't be traveling a lifetime
It's cold out but hold out and do like I do
Oh I need you

When I need you
I hold out my hands and I touch love
I never knew there was so much love
Keeping me warm night and day

When I need you
Just close my eyes and I'm with you
And all that I so want to give you
It's only a heart beat away..

Everytime I hear this song James I think of you and what I have to do now to be with you. Close my eyes and I'm with you. I reach out to you and I know that you reaching out for me and helping me when Im in the need of the help... No matter what kind of help it is. I would go more then a million miles to see your face again. Just to hold you and tell you I LOVE YOU.  Sometimes I think of OUR future..... All I can see is happieness and a future brighter then ever. I wonder how it would feel to slow dance with you.... Feeling so close looking into eachothers eyes telling eachother how much we love eachother and how much we couldn't live without eachother. Your my smile and my heart..... Without you I'm not whole.... My heart has that space that is forever your memories... I wish that I could hold you tight and tell you all the great things that you have done for me.... You have no idea how you changed my life... I love you so much and I WILL ALWAYS LOVE YOU.... LOVE ALWAYS AND FOREVER, CRYSTAL ANN
So many questions but have not found answers... My sweet Angel  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)

Seems as if i'm writting to you a lot the past few days. I have Just been feeling lonley I take it. I have been feeling bad and hurt. I have been wanting you more and more everyday. I have been wanting to see your smile.... and hear your laugh. I walked on the beach today.... Thought about you and the first time me and you walked on the beach.... You had so much fun!! I loved walking with you and holding your hand and talking about OUR future together. Had it all planned out.... The things went a differnt rout.... You were taken from me..... I still dont understand why this has happend.... Its hard to face... Just when you think its easy it just gets harder.... Why is that? I layed there last night and just thought about what it would be like to lay next to you in your arms.. I can only think that it would be the best feeling in the world. You gave my heart the warm feeling and you made my heart skip beats.... My heart does not feel that anymore........ and my heart has not skipped a beat. I used to always smile and the past few days I feel that I have not been doing so much of that only when I think of you and the times that we had together.  YOU are my world James... Without you I feel empty..... And sometimes I just feel like giving up on me..... Its hard to live life with just your self... you need that someone that you love next to you to go on the paths that is set for you.... How can I do this without you? I look at the moon and just think of you.... I want to see your face just not in pictures.... I wanted  you to catch me when I fall.... I wanted your shoulder to lean on when I cry.... I wanted you to be the one that I said I DO to.. I wanted to promise my slef to you... I wanted to be wearing the ring that showed your love for me.... I wanted so much.... And when I thought that I was going to get all this........ You were gone... I couldn't do anything to save you.... I couldnt hold you and get you everything that you wanted.... I remember sitting outside on the ground just asking god to please keep you safe because I thought that you where in the hospital..... You wernt you were already with the angels.... you left me...... the last goodbye was on the thursday night..... The night you told me you were going to marry me..... That was the last time I heard your voice.......... It hurt so bad... Why did I have to leave you??? Why did I have to go with Chirs? Why did you have to stay monica???? So many whys when will I get the answer? Im getting nowhere in life it seems..... Its nowhere when your not here with me to go on...... Il ove you so much and words cannot express the way I feel about you..... I always think about the first time you told me you loved me..... I just smiled and said I love you too..... I ment that from my whole heart.... and more.... I loved coming home to see your smile............ and I loved coming home to hugging you.... I loved coming home and seeing roses for me from you.....All I have is pictures and memories.... Those will have to help..... Those will have to do..... I love you james and always will...... Love always Crystal Ann
One year  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)

James My sweet Angel,
      The 10th of June would have been a year. I thought about you all last night and looked at the moon while driving. The time that I spent with you was the best time of my life. You made me so happy and made me feel so loved. You are the best..... I miss the hugs and the kisses and the holding each other tight at night. I cant help but think about what we would be doing if you were still here with me. I still have this feeling that if i was with you that night you would still be here.. Its the feeling that I'll never lose. I cryed last night because i missed you so much. I want you here sooo bad.... On days like that... I just dont understand why it was you that had to go. Why wasn't it someone else who didn't love life? I cant get you out of my head. Im going to try to do some cleaning today and go to the beach later.... MAYBE that will help but i'm not thinking so. I love you james and you will forever be apart of my life. You will forever be remembered in my heart.... You will always and forever have that place in my soul that noone will ever ever in a lifetime have. Your smile runs through my head and I start to think of the good times that you and I had and it makes me smile. I love you so much. I wish it wasn't you that had to go.... Your birthday is coming up...... and i'll be sitting out by the pond....... be there with me. I love you so much and you are my heart and soul. Love always Crystal

need a smile  / Mom
I miss you so much.Life stinks right now.As you know I'm going through alot right now so send me a smile.Please watch over your sisters as they are having a very difficult time.A couple of your friends have contacted me.Its nice to know people still care.I hope you know how much you are loved and missed.Please keep me strong as your birthday is coming up.I love you.Mom
A year  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)  Read >>
A year  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)
Babe, The 6th of june would have been a year from the day that we met... The night that we spent together the first time. The night you made me forget about my troubles... The night you held me and it made me feel soo loved and special. The night we got to know eachother and watched a movie! The Day you came up to me at the gas station! I loved the way you smiled and took my hand! The 10th is going to be 1 year since we have been together. I can not forget about the day you told me to be yours... I loved it. I couldn't help but say yes. I cant even think about what it would have been like if i would have said no. Babe, James.. I love you and i'm always thinking about you. My life is not the same with out you. You are my heart and will always have that special place. You are my heart and soul. My light in the day and my Dreams at night. The thought of you helps me be strong and do what i need to do to succed in life. Mom has helped me more then enough. I wear a smile but sometimes i just feel like frowning.... is that okay? I wonder what we would be doing today if you were here with me. Be at the beach? I think i'm going to try to go on the 10th. Just walk and talk to you.... I love you babe.... And always and forever will. Love always your true love, Crystal Close
To Jame's Mom  / Natalie Casas (Good Friend )  Read >>
To Jame's Mom  / Natalie Casas (Good Friend )
My name is Natalie,
I left a message for you a couple of bars down I just want to make sure you read it. I was a friend of jame's on crew I miss him and I love him lots. Thank you for everything you did to make him so special.

"James I love you"
Natalie Casas 
Please email when you get a chance, I would love to keep in cantact with you. 
To Crystal From Natalie  / Natalie Casas (Good Friend )  Read >>
To Crystal From Natalie  / Natalie Casas (Good Friend )
Hi crystal
Seeing all these pictures hurt so bad, Crystal I remeber when you and james were still trying to get together how you would pull me to the side and tell me how you felt for him, and five minutes later he would do the some thing. Girl i miss you so much too we were such good friends, I've been trying to find this web site forever and so has tre I called and emailed shirley a bunch of times and tre called Eva once I think, We think about him so much, I remember this one night me and tre stayed up all night and talked about james and all the crazy fun we used to do, and the next morning we went to the gas station and the lady gave us a dollar in change and on the top of the dollar in big black letters said I LOVE YOU TOO JAMES that dollar now sits on the dash board in my car as my proof that alittle part of my friend is still with me and tre watching over us keeping us together. By the way me and tre are doing fine, I hope your doing well too, I miss him so much, If you want to email me my email is angel1noty@yahoo.com email me and I'll send you my adress and my phone number so we can stay in touch. 

I love you and miss him dearly,
Natalie Casas Munoz Close
Friends Forever  / Natalie Casas (Friend)  Read >>
Friends Forever  / Natalie Casas (Friend)

This Messsage is for Jame's mom I'm sorry I don't know your name, but I was on the crew that your son was on for about a year and a half and he was one of my good friends, If you ask crystal or Eva I'm sure they'll remember me, I just wanted to let you kn ow that he was loved by so many people he was there for me at some of the hardest parts of my life, and I miss him so much, I still remember this one time that we sat down under a tree, and talked about life and everything else he always had a way of making you feel so special, with his huge teddy bear hugs and bright smile. I just wanted to let you know that me and my boyfriend tre who was also on crew with james miss him so much and if you ever need anything anything please dont hesitate to call on us. And if you can email me, I would love to be in contact with you and his family. I used to call him chunky buddy i remeber he always giggled when i said that. I'm sure my boyfreind tre will be leaving messages on here too, we both loved him and your chocolate chip and peanut butter cookies.

With lots of love

Natalie Casas, Hugh (Tre) Sloan





We will love you until  / Eva Turos (Good Friend )  Read >>
We will love you until  / Eva Turos (Good Friend )

I will love you until
The waters all dry
Until the sun stops shining 
And there are no stars in the sky

Until the flowers won't bloom 
And the birds won't sing
Until it is the end
Of every living thing

Until the song has no tune
And the grass won't come
The rain won't come
And winter has no snow

Until the mountains so high 
Crumble to the valley below 
Until the flag won't fly
And the river won't flow

Until the trees won't stand 
And the air is still
These are the days
That I will love you until

Written By: Dana Brooks

James no matter what we will always love and miss you. You mean so much to so many people. Not a day goes by that we dont think of you. 
Love always and Miss, Eva

Smile / Eva Turos (Good Friend )  Read >>
Smile / Eva Turos (Good Friend )
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babe, YOUR DOG!  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)  Read >>
babe, YOUR DOG!  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)
JAMES! WHAT ARE WE GOING TO DO ABOUT THIS DANG DOG!!! Yes the dog that came from you! LOL! The one that you just had to get! LOL! I remember you going nuts because someone through away the number for the lady! But you pulled through and got it anyways!!! YA FOR JAMES! lol! But yeah back to the ???? how can we all teach this dog not to run up and down the streets! I'm sick of chasing it! lol! We try to tell him that jake is the good one and that does not seem to work! LOL! Then we all remember he is soooooooo much like you! Just free and doing whatever he feels he wants to do! lol! This dog is crazy! I wish that you were here to see it! lol! Well babe! This is just a lil funny note to you! I love you and miss you more and more everyday! Sweet Dreams and talk to you soon! Love always and forever and a millon days after that, Crystal Close
Thinking of you  / Eva Turos (Good Friend )  Read >>
Thinking of you  / Eva Turos (Good Friend )
hey james, i know i havent wrote to you in awhile but alot of things have been going on.(i know you know whats happening down here). i just went to hawii for 6 days. it was so phat. the sky was so pretty the water was too basically everything about it was pretty.the sky reminded me of you( big and blue :0) it was just me and monica that went. we had fun but for some reason you keep popping into our heads. we talked about you alot on our vacation. i think we just missed you and our feelings were coming out. i know you know how much your missed. everyday i think of you. i looked at the date today and in a way i want to skip over june. i keep thinking about last year, every time i turned around you were in my ear counting down until our birthdays. i miss you bugging me!!!! you have to do me one favor, you have to count with me from hevaen. i miss you more and more everyday james. and please know that you will NEVER be forgotten, YOUR MEMORY WILL LIVE ON FOREVER. love always Eva
Your our angel now
i pray  / Eva Turos (Good Friend )  Read >>
i pray  / Eva Turos (Good Friend )
watch over those who need to be watched over.  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)  Read >>
watch over those who need to be watched over.  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)
It was a long night for everyone last night. I didn't get to sleep until 3:30 am or so. I dont ask for much but there is one thing that I want to ask you. PLease watch over Erica... and her friend. It got to me bad last night and it was even worse for Sean. Please be with the girls. I love you with all my heart.. Miss you more then ever. Love always Crystal Close
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