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This is gonna be hard.  / Eva Turos (Good Friend )
Hey James, man how i have been thinking about you alot. it seems like everytime i turn around i remember something about you that you said or done or i see you name. we were driving to ark. today and i seen crawford street and all i can think of was why you. i miss so much. we are heading toward tenn. and i told jim that im gonna drive 5hrs and 23min( i look on the map) to exit 35. i didnt get a chance to say goodbye to you. so as soon as we get in to tenn. im goona drive to adel and visit exit 35. i need to say goodbye to you not forever just for the time being. this has been buging me for 9months. im sorry again for not being able to go to you funeral. i really wish had the chance to. i know it has taking me 9months to say goodbye. when i get there im gonna get all yellow flowers because the color yellow reminds me of you. i remember you yellow jersey that you always wear. so im gonna get a cross with yellow flowers and it is gonna say " we love you james, rest in peace our sweet angel". im also gonna get a angel and lay it next to the cross. its gonna be a hard that day for me, so i need you there to help me. i wish i could turn back time. if i could you, would still be here with us. but i know now that everything happens for a reason even if we dont understand what that reason is for. god knows what he is doing. i miss you more and more everyday. i think of you everyday. a day  doesnt pass that your not on my mind. but i know you are our angel now and you will always be with us. and we will meet again. but until that day i will always remember everything about you, you smile,you laugh, you boobs(lol). i will rememebr everything. we miss you.
Love always your friend,
Baby! / Crystal Frakes
Hey babe! How are things? Good I hope! Thought about you a lot this week and just kept it to myslef.... Dont know why just did.... I have a question for you!!! Please Please help Ash have a good birthday.... She needs to have fun.... She is upset and had a hard day because she relized that you wouldn't be calling her on her birthday... Babe send her your love like you do always... just a lil more this time! Show her that you are here with her in spirt.... I would really love that and she would love it even more! I love you babe... and sweet dreams always!

Love Crystal
just saying hi!  / Nichole Castro (Good Friend!!! )

hey there james!
Its been about a year since we spoke last. I see you have alot of peaple visit you, thats great! I'm getting married next month and i have a baby due in January. life is very crazy, and it changes so fast that sometimes its hard to keep up with myself. (But its good)........I think about you quite often and visit your site every once and a while, but this time i decited to write just so you know that i still think about you alot, and to thank you for being one of the best friends i had out there. 
Not every thing has changed since i spoke to you last, i am still a fitness trainer, and live the same place. but i guess thats gonna change very soon also. I really miss when you would call me from home just so i would sing to over the phone, your a funny guy!
But N-E ways James I miss you alot and i will visit more often! luv ya  

so much left unsaid  / Vincent Shirey (Brother)
When we were young all we did was fight. I've told you why I did it, so at least you know it wasn't you. But as we matured and we became closer I was never able to hang out with you. Finally we started to become brothers and I was never able to see you. It is difficult when you live so far away from the ones you care for. And then you were taken from us. I know that I told you that I loved you but I don't know if it ever really came across how I wanted it too. I think of you as my brother. Always will. You were a true friend and all around good human being that just might of known the secret of living a happy life. I just wish that our time spent in later years made up for what happened when we were younger. I just wish that I knew that the last time I was going to see you was at Lindsey and my wedding. I would have done more. what, I don't know. As it stands, there is so much left unsaid and I miss you more each day.

I love and miss you James.
Your brother, Vinnie.
missing you  / Lindsey Shirey (sister-in-law)
just wanted to let you know that you are always on our minds and in our hearts. sometimes we can feel your presence in a room and it is the best feeling in the world.  i picture you with your huge smile and i can't help but smile myself.  that was your gift, to make people feel good. it is something that will never be forgotten. 
you know how i am with baby names, well vinnie came across an irish name that he really loves. he loves the name seamus, well we agreed it was a good name and if we ever have a boy thats the name we have picked out. we were filled with joy when we found out that it was irish for james. we had no idea but it makes it all the more special. 
i deeply do miss you with all my heart. i just wish we could have bonded a little more. that is truly my only regret. i only got to know you for a couple of years but you were always a blast to hang out with. my first trip to north carolina was the first time i had met you. a group of us walked along the beach after dark and you ran into the ocean, i thought you were crazy! crazy in a good way though. you were very spontaneous and that is something i really appreciate about you. love you and miss you, lindsey
oh how we miss you  / Eva Turos (good friend )
hey james, i know i havent talking to you in a few days but i have been busy. but i didnt forget about u i just havent been able to write to u lately. me and monica were talking about you talking we all miss you so much. i miss everything about you. i seen misty has been talking to you. and i thought of fla. and it made me laugh. you know what im talking about. we all miss you, i miss your smile, i miss you making everyone smile with you, i miss your laugh, i miss you falling asleep in morning meeting, i miss you dancing before you would go to work. i miss joking with you about your boobs, i miss sooooo much about you, word cant explain how much we miss you. if our feelings of missing you could bring you back to us.... you would of been back along time ago. i wish i could high five you. i wish i could make fun of you boobs and about me buying you a bra. i miss you coming to our room and hanging out with jim when we hopped in. there is so many things that i miss. i wish you were here with us. i just basically wanted to let you know that i think about you everyday. i wish you were here with us. but i know that you are in a safe peace. and god is watching over you and you are safe. keep watching over us from heaven, and we will keep looking up to you in heaven. i miss you and love ya. keeping smiling for us.
hey my love!  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)
Hey babe!!! Just wanted to tell you that you are always on my mind and you still have my heart and you will always have my heart! I love you more and more everyday! You never let me down or broke my heart... you only fixed it.... I love you james... Love Always Crystal
hey you!!  / Misty Rodreguez (good friend )

Hey you,
I hope you have been visiting me!!! Alot has been going on with me..... my dad just came down and visited and that was good because i get lonely alot out here without my family more than i did when i was on the road.... its so wierd how much my life has changed since then you wouldnt belive i was the same misty its hard sometime but james i know you see how cute little taylor is and it makes it so worth it!!! I hope that you are there as my gardian angel when time gets hard and i know your a busy angel because you have alot of people who care and love you and want you to watch over them i bet you are the busiest guy up there hahahah....... so i have been working at the bank for like six months and at times i really enjoy it but other times its like i want to be free again you know i loved to travel and i loved everyone i was traveling with but i do love it here as well i love my family more than you could possibly imagine (well i guess you can) and there good to me you know i cant complain there....... im thinking of finding another job i want to be rich one day james so you got to help me out hahahaha i just have to much skills to being a teller i need to move up i did apply for the finacial advisor my manager said that is a good possition for me to think about and thinks i can handle it  so cross your
fingers!!!  you know there is this one girl that always comes in the bank and cashes her check her last name is crawford its weird because i have never met any one with that last name till now i think its a sighn to not forget you and remind me of the fun times cause when she leaves thats what i do i sit there and get in a daze thinking of the good times hahahaha well i got to get back to work as you know but i will stop by and say hi again i love and miss you lots!!!
shorty do wop ta wop,

Hey / Natalie Casas (Good Friend )
Hey James buddy I just wanted to say that i've been thinking about you alot lately i miss you so much you were always there for me when i was down, i wish i could talk to you like i use to, I miss you so much Natalie
hey my love!  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)
hey babe!!! I love you and miss you more and more everyday! Things here are going okay..... umm i move up to 40 hours on monday!!! more money! James i love you and miss your sweet smile and your sweeter kisses! You warm hugs and your crazy ways! You showed me more love then anyone that I know.... You will forever have that piece of my heart that will never go away or be taken by another. I love you and always thinking about you. Love always Crystal
hey babe!  / Crystal Frakes (girlfriend)  Read >>
hey babe!  / Crystal Frakes (girlfriend)
 Hey babe! How are things up there in the clouds? As you already know things down here are doing okay.... ummm I'm still working and working things out with school... trying to figure out what i'm going to do... probably end up taking online classes.... soo i can be home and do it at the same time... Mom is in cali! make sure she has a good time! I love you and miss you so much... watch over Nat... she is having a rough time... with everything thats been going on.. I had a dream of you last night... I sleep with the big dog that you had.. the last thing that I had when i went on chris's spur crew.. I love you and always will... You will forever hold that piece of my heart.... forever hold the key... Today Its been one of those days that I just wish you was with me... I wanted to hold you so bad and give you a kiss and tell you I loved you.... All i can do is blow kisses to you and write you on this site.... Sometimes i just dont think its good enough... but you not here things will never be good enough for me. I love you james and loved you from the first day that I met you.... You made me happy and smile like no other..... You showed me you cared from hello... You saved me from hell! I love you and I hope to see you in my dreams again.... Love Crystal Close
sorry its been this long  / Monica&chris (good friends )  Read >>
sorry its been this long  / Monica&chris (good friends )
we obviously just got our computer so now we can light candles and write toyou whenever we feel like it right? you know Chris still carries your picture in his packcase--we love you and miss you dearly, keep looking over us like i know you have always done Close
hey babe  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)  Read >>
hey babe  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)
Hey baby! I love you! Good morn to you! Yesterday I had a bad day... I was just sad.... and Really didn't want to be around anyone for a while... I sat in my room and cryed.... Everything just got to my head for some reason... I dont ask for much but today i'm asking you to watch over shawna and the new baby and the rest of the kids.... She told me that she thinks about her baby moon and it hurts her... and you know me I dont like it when my friends are sad and upset.... You are up there with the baby.... You are both angels... I told her not to worrie because James is up there too and you are a great loving person....Brian her brother is up there too.... I'm sure that you are taking care of those down here... I know that you are with me and helping me through the crazy times! Lol! I love you and always will james.... You have my heart and will always have it..... Love Crystal Close
i forgot!!  / Misty Rodreguez (good friend )  Read >>
i forgot!!  / Misty Rodreguez (good friend )
i forgot to mention thank you for always sharing the GREAT!! cookies and candy your mom sent and thanx to you mom!! he always let know he had a great mother and family and i wish my mom would of sent me stuff on holidays to let me know she cared!!! you were a great mom!!! 
p.s this is my e-mail i wrote it wrong !!
James its me!!!!  / Misty Rodreguez (good friend )  Read >>
James its me!!!!  / Misty Rodreguez (good friend )

hey james,
I cant belive i am writing to you i have tryrd everything to just find out more of what happened by searching by name ect.... when i herd what happened i couldnt belive it eva had called and told me i know i have not been on the road for like two years and am sad that when i called eva or monica i never got to talk to you more moments like these i will regret now forever... i remember the day you first joined crew walking in hella tall with your big smile just the happpiest person ever... you have made me laugh so many time i remember we would get back from the day and watch movies in your room and remember when you were in mias car with me lol that day was one of the funnest days sellin magazines well pretending to hahahahaha you used to crack up at my speal and just made it fun going to doors lol i know you remeber new years in florida good times hahahaha its crazy to think that you spent so much fun times and we had are bad as well but you know me i have them with everyone hahahaha *wink wink* and then i leave and start a new life and not forget never forget but loose touch and then loose them it really hurts to know that it can happen to just anyone even the greatest friend anyone can have.... you! i hope i made some sense i just wanted to say something because i never got a chance to thanx for being a great friend and always being there!!! i know you still will be there watching over all your loved ones and friends!! so i say now see ya soon!!
love always,
p.s i will post the pics i have of us together as soon as i can !!!!!

Happy 4th of July  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)  Read >>
Happy 4th of July  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)
Hey babe! Happy Fourth of July my love! One year ago me and you spent this night together and had a great time in Branson! I wish you were here to sit with me when we watch the fire works! You will be up there watching them and I'll be down here thinking about you..... I love you and miss you more and more everyday.... I miss the way you spent time with me and you always made me smile! I miss the touch of your hands and I miss your kisses! Today we went to the beach for a while!!! I GOT SOME SUN LET ME TELL YA! I learned how to boggy board!!!!!!!! It was fun! I tryed the skin board once..... didn't really plan on braking my neck sooo didn't do that much!!!!! LoL!!! But me and mom went out in the water and almost ran well swam over some of the surfers!!! I tell ya i'm good! I should be on a cover of a mag or a movie!!! What can I say I'm famous! I love you and thinking about you!!!! kisses sent to you and i know i'll get them right back at me!!! Hugs and kisses Love always Crystal ann Close
Missing you always  / Natalie Casas (Friend)  Read >>
Missing you always  / Natalie Casas (Friend)
I'm sitting at work thinking about you and your family, I cant get them off my mind it felt so nice to be at your house with everyone you love it was the first time in along time I felt safe, cant wait to go back but i think chystal is coming here in september if we can work it out, cant wait to show her miami. 

I love you 

P/s thanks for working on what i asked you for your working miricles up there huh.   Close
Sorry / Eva Turos (Friend)  Read >>
Sorry / Eva Turos (Friend)
hey sorry i didnt get a chance to wish you a happy birthday yet. it has been really busy for me. my little brother is out here with me visiting with me. you know everthing that has been going on.but i am very sorry i couldnt write to you on ur b-day but i thought about you all day. i miss u and happy birthday a few days late. love ya a bunch.Eva Close
Happy Birthday  / Natalie Casas (Good Friend )  Read >>
Happy Birthday  / Natalie Casas (Good Friend )

Well Happy Birthday everybody's at your house having fun in your memory knowing thats what you would want us to do. Chrystal got in to a play fight with one of your family members it was so funny, your mom wanted something sweet today so we went to lowes food place and she got plenty of sweet stuff, we're doing something special at the beach you use to hang out on later I hope your there watching us, I got sparklers i thought it be cool I'll chase chrystal around with them for you  he he I love you forever happy birthday.....

hey babe! HAPPY B DAY MY SWEET ANGEL  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)  Read >>
hey babe! HAPPY B DAY MY SWEET ANGEL  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)
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