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Laughs / Natalie Casas (Good Friend )
I wish you were here to make me laugh at life, like you always did, could use some of that right about now I love you, and miss you always, nat
I miss you like crazy  / Eva Turos (good friend )
hey james, i just wanted to let you know i have been thinking about you alot lately. wondering how things would be today if you were still. would you still be on the road would you be at home would you have a family. i always look at the clouds to see if i can see you waving down to us. to see if i can see your bright smile just one more time. i know you send signs to let us know your ok. your mom called me a few days ago and i was able to hear your voice again. i will NEVER delete that message. i dont know if it was a sign letting us know that everything was going good up there or what. but to hear your voice again was something i would of never thought i would of heard again. it was one of the greatest feelings i have ever felt. i miss you so much. i had a dream last night of the last day we hang out. everytime i look back on that day i smile. we had so much fun. i went to the beach last week and i sat there thinking of you and how much you loved the beach and how much i wish you were there with us. words cant express how much your missed by sooo many people. i know your in a safe place now. but i wish you were with us. i love you chunky butt and i will never forget about you. HUGS AND KISSES.... Eva. you will always be our angel.
Its been a while!  / Nichole (good friend )
hey there my friend, i know that its been quite a while since i have written to you, but i still think about you all the time. as im sure you know i had my baby three months ago so things have been so very busy. i getting the hang of being a mommy now, and i can honestly say that its the best thing that i have ever done. my babys name is Ethan, and he is starting to laugh, and he smiles at me every time i look at him. its the gratest feeling but also kinda scary because all that he knows is to trust me with everything. I m so lucky to have him, and i wish that he could have met you. i miss you and luv ya and i will keep in touch. talk to you soon my friend! 
JAMES / Eva Turos (Good Friend )
James i look at your pic everyday hoping that it wil help me not be so sad that your gone. and it never works., i miss u so much. i wish u were here with us. i miss ur smile. i miss everything about u. i still dont understand why god took u from us. it was time for u to go. u were too young. so many question go though my head everyday. WHY you.WHY WHY WHY WHY WHY i just dont understand. i wish my feelings for u beiing gone would bring u back and hurts even more knowing that your not coming back. i want to see u. i want to high five you. i want a big hug. i just want you here. i iss you james and i will never forget you. you were and will always be a great peron to me. love you sweet angel
ash / Mom
please help your sister and keep her safe.I love you buddy.
so i have been thinking again  / Eva Turos (Good Friend )
so i was thinking about you again and more "why" were going though my head again...i miss you sooo much..words cant express how much i miss you..i wish you were here..i need your gonna see you mom in a few days i cant wait..she makes me have a great family gonna give her a big hugs when i see are always in my thoughts and prayers..please watch over use while we travel this weekend to ohio..and please watch over the people who need you smile.i miss ya chunky u
James as you know little Taylor is with you now.Please watch over her and keep Sean's family strong.Please watch over everyone as they so alot of traveling this next week.I love you son.
Send me strength....  / Natalie Casas (Good Friend )
Hey sweetie,
 Sorry been a while had alot going on, just send me strength to make it through this, I wish you were here need one of your big bear hugs so bad, just send me some of your strength .....I love you always natalie
Christmas Time ....  / Natalie Casas (Good friend )
Hey James 
Well Its chritmas time and I think about you and your family every day, I miss you alot I want to ask santa to bring you back to all of us for christmas but i know it will never happen.. but until we see you again watch out for us from up there and we will keep you always in our thoughts and hearts down here.. I love you Merry Christmas Nat 
my feelings  / Eva Turos (Good Friend )
On the days God took you
I thought that I would die
I wondered where the time went
I asked alot of Why's ????

With people all around me
I felt alone inside
From all their words of comfort,
I couldn't seemed to hide

I thought I might be dreaming
That I'd wake and find you here
I thought" this can't be happening"
As I wiped another tear

On the day that you were laid to rest
My heart broke yet again,
I wondered if the pain would end
But mostly I wondered when ???

It's so hard to be without you
At times the days seem long
Sometimes I just sit crying
When there's really nothing wrong

I wish we'd had more time,
before your life was done
I hope your resting peacefully...

I miss you soooo much james, a day doesnt go by that i dont think of you..
so much to tell you! soo little time  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)  Read >>
so much to tell you! soo little time  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)

Dear Sweet Angel!
So much has gone on these past months. I just dont know where to start....
Its been soo long since I have been on here because i'm out of a computer... You do know that I have been writting to you in my journal.... You read those right?! If you do you know sooo much already. I love you and always will... And I miss you so much. There are times when I feel like running away and just hope that no one finds me and you always pop into my head and help me through the hard times. THANK YOU. I'm going on a road trip to California to see my son. Be with me on that. PLEASE. I leave monday and should get there thursday or wedsday..... Driving.......... Aww the road again. Its my first road trip since then besides the GA ride... but that was like 9 hours this is like 3 4 days! Well I love you and MISS YOU LIKE A FISH WOULD MISS HIS WATER! lOVE ALWAYS Crystal

i miss u  / Eva Turos (Good Friend )  Read >>
i miss u  / Eva Turos (Good Friend )
hey james, i have been thinking of you alot. like always. but right now is really hard. we are in tampa and this is the last place i seen you alive. the last past i high fived you, the lase place i grabbed you boob and said i was mad because they were bigger then mine. the last place i seen you smile, the last place i heard you laugh. the last place i truly smiled. i miss you so much. i wish words could express how much i miss you. i wish words could bring you back to us. if they could you would never of been gone. but i know god has a reason for everything but what is the reason that he took you from us. i still wake up in the morning and i hope i will go to meeting and see you in the front falling alsleep. or when you would come t mine and jims room to "hang out". or see you dancing in the front seat of the crew cars.  i wish i could just see you one more time. i see you in my dream and you are always on my mind but thats just not good enough. i wonder how your doing up in heaven. i wonder if your still smiing like you always did. i wonder if you boobs are getting any bigger. i wonder if you happy up there. i wonder if you miss us as much as we miss you. i wonder soooo many things. my mind never stops wondering how you are. i wonder when i will get the chance to see you great smile again. i wonder....... i miss you so much james. i wish your were here with us. you shouldnt be gone. you should be here with us laugh and smiling. you shouldnt be gone but i know your in a safe place. until we meet again. i love you and miss you chuncky butt.... Close
hey / Eva Turos (Good Friend )  Read >>
hey / Eva Turos (Good Friend )
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happy gobble gobble day  / Natalie Casas (Good)  Read >>
happy gobble gobble day  / Natalie Casas (Good)
Thinking bout you and your family on thanksgiving, I miss you bunches and I ate a whole plate just for you ... chunky buddy 
thinking of you always .... Natalie Close
Hey chuncky butt  / Eva Turos (Friend)  Read >>
Hey chuncky butt  / Eva Turos (Friend)
hey james, i have been thinking of you alot lately. every time i go on to your website and read that a young man has died. its still so hard to believe that it was you. and that you gone and we will never see each other again until we meet in heaven. i went to the beach last week. it was really hard for me.. but you have a great mom she was there with me this time but i callled her when i was done. we are in orlando and every time i pull into the hotel i remember when we were here last year and you guys went sky diving and i remember you playing with tyson when i first got him here. i remmeber so much about this hotel. we are gonna do the sky diving thing tomorrow i think so when we do i will think of you becuase i remember you guys talking about how much fun it was. and it was the last crazy thing you did. and i will call you mom when we are done just like you did. you mom is a great person and so are your lilttle sisters. they all miss you so much. i had a dream about you last was crazy but i think i had it because you were letting me know that you are ok and thinking of us.i think about you everyday. and everyday i wish you were still here. but i know that not all wishes come true. but i know in y heart we will meet again. i miss you chuncky butt. hugs and kisses....... Close
thank you  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)  Read >>
thank you  / Crystal Frakes (Girlfriend)
Thank you so much for helping me the other day.... I was going out of controll.... I left to talk to you and you told me the right thing.... I'm okay now. Thank you james for being there for me... I love ya and you will always be remembered. Always and forever Crystal Close
Hey you  / Eva Turos (Good Friend )  Read >>
Hey you  / Eva Turos (Good Friend )
Hey james, how is everything up there. me and monica took a trip today to where the accident happened. i cant explain how i was feeling while i was there. but i do know one thing is that you were there with us. me and monica was walking to were it happened and there was a bird and the whole time we were there this bird keep going in circle and singing. i think it was a sign to us from you letting us know that your ok and safe. we talked about you the whole time. we miss so much about you. i wish you were still here but i know god had a plan for you and i know your up in heaven helping him up there. and i think now after a year. i now understand that you really are gone. i dont want you to be gone. i think you should still be down here with us. but god does everything for a reason..... keep smiling up there and know that we might be able to see you, we know you here with us becuase we feel you here..i miss you james and we will meet again but until that day your our chucnky angel. love ya dude Close
I miss you  / Eddie Raven (Uncle)  Read >>
I miss you  / Eddie Raven (Uncle)
Hey there James,
  I'm thinking of you alot.  I miss all the good times we had when you were up here in NY.  Sure do miss you.  
Uncle JR Close
I cant believe it has been one year  / Eva Turos (Good Friend )  Read >>
I cant believe it has been one year  / Eva Turos (Good Friend )
James, i cant believe it has been one year since you left us....It seems like you have been gone forever. but the pain of you being gone is just as strong as when i found out you left us. I miss you so very much. i was talking to your mom today. you have a GREAT mom. she called me all day long and i cant thank her enough for that. i needed her today. its still so hard for me to think about you being gone. i just wish it was a nightmare and i could wake up and be upset about the bad dream but i would know that you were still here. but your not. i never thoght i would loss someone i cared so much about. you made me laugh sooo many times.... i wish you were here so i could grab your boobs and get mad at you that they were bigger then mine. or be able to high five you or have you threw me on you shoulders and spin me around to where i cant even stand anymore. i just really wish you were here with us. i wish so many things. but i know way deep inside..that your in a good place. but that just isnt good enough you should still be here with us... but i know god had other plans for you. ryan stopped by your house today and your mom was on the phone with me and he was talking about that time when we were in N.C((( you know what im talking about ) it put a big smile on my were crazy but thats why everyone loved you sooo much. James we will always love you I PROMISE and you will never be forgotten. you are our angel now. and i know that one day we will meet again. but until that day please watch over us and we will look up at the sky so dont forget to smile for us down here.   Love ya chuncky butt^i^ Close
One year .....  / Natalie Casas (good friend )  Read >>
One year .....  / Natalie Casas (good friend )
It's been a year and i remember the last time i saw you, the big bear hug you gave me before i left with Tre or the time you had my back on one of our (Me & Tre's) many fights. You were one of my true friends on crew I miss you so much I think about all the conversations we had all the doors we knocked together all the food we ate together at other people's house chunky buddy..Life will never be the same not for me not for any of us .... I love you your friend.

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