James Crawford
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Born in California on June 25, 1985.
July 30,1987
James became a big brother to Ashley. 
April 23,1989
James becomes a big brother for the 2nd time to Brittany.
January 22, 1993
James' mother marries Tim Shirey and James become a brother yet again to Chuck, Chrystal, and Vince making them what they are known as today:  The Brady Bunch.
July 20, 2002

James invented his Doughboy dance on the North Carolina/South Carolina border during a family trip to Myrtle Beach, SC.

August 21, 2002
Brother Chuck marries Casey to make James a brother-in-law.
june 18 2003
James' became a stepson to Connie and a stepbrother to her son Jason.
May 28, 2005
Brother Vince marries Lindsey.  James and all of his siblings were together for the last time and they danced the night away, having the time of their lives.
June 6, 2005
James met his match Crystal Frakes.
September 17, 2005
Sister Chrystal marries Dustin. 
October 23,2005
Passed away on October 23, 2005 .

Young man dies in I-75

By: Charles Shiver

A 20 year old man died early Sunday monring, Oct.23, in a single-vehicle wreck on Interstate 75.

Cook County Cononer Ron Lipsey identified the victim as James Stephens Crawford, of Hubert, N.C., a passenger in the van. The driver, Steven A. Smith III, 20, of Amherst, Mass., has been arrested and charged with homicide by vehicle, first degree, because he was allegedly driving under the influence of marijuana, according to the Georgia State Patrol, Tifton Post.

Smith also was also charged with serious injury by vehicle (two counts) because two other passengers were hurt in the wreck. Additional charges against Smith are failure to maintain lane, driving too fast for conditions(constuction zone), driving under the influence of marijuana, and misdemeanor possession of marijuana.

At last report, Smith was being held in the Cook County Jail.

Accoring to State Trooper D.D. Harnage, Smith was driving a 15-passenger, Ford E-350 van north on Interstate 75 about 3:50 a.m. Sunday. The van had five occupants.

Smith stated to the GSP that he fell asleep and drove off the edge of the road around Mile Marker 38 on I-75 (between the Adel Industrial Park Exit). Smith awoke and apparently oversteered. The rear of the van came can around and the van crashed almost head'on into the concrete barrier. The van started flipping down the barrier. Crawford, who was seated right behind the driver, was ejected and killed on impact, according to Harnage. Crawford was pronounced dead on that scene at 4:10 a.m. Sunday, Ron Lipsey said.

Harnage said he beleives that two of the other passengers were also ejected. They were seriously injured. One passenger recevied a severe laceration of the scalp. At last report, the condition of the other ejected passenger was unknown, but that person reportedly was on a back board at South Georgia Medical Center. " Only the driver was wearing his seatbelt," Harnage.Another passenger was treated at the Memorial Hospital of Adel and released.

According to warrants, less than 1 ounce of marijuana was found in a plastic container in the van. Smith submitted to a blood test, Harnage said.

The van had been accompanied by two other vehicles. the vehicles were carrying 18 young adults from Tampa, Fla., north to Columbus. The young people had planned to sell magazine subscriptions for Fidelity Readers Service Inc., said Trooper Harnage. The Naple, Fla.-based company offers young people travel opportunities across the U.S.

The GSP Specialized Collision Reconstruction Team (SCRT) is the continuing its investigation into the case, with plans to do measurements at the accident scene. Thus, the charges against Smith may be revised or upgraded.
October 23,2006
One year has passed since we said goodbye,
And still there are moments when we wonder why.
To have you taken so young is such a crime,
One that can only be healed by the hands of time.

You were such a fun and exciting boy,
A young man that brought us all so much joy.
We watched you grow throughout the years,
We watched as you lived your life without many fears.

You had so much strength and you showed no weakness,
One of many things about you that we always will miss.

You were a great friend, a son, and a brother,
A special part of our lives, we will love like no

A loss like this is hard to deal,
And there are still times when it doesn't seem real.
Each day we wish for just one more day,
And each day we know that you've gone away.

We wait for the day when again we will meet,
When the pain that we feel will turn suddenly sweet.
So until that day when we see you again,
We'll keep dreaming of you and we'll see you then.

By Christina

Well I am writting this on October 22nd the last day I
hear your sweet voice.It has been a year and I'm still
having a hard time believing my son is gone.When James
was born it was just him and I.He was my world.Then as
time went on I had two daughters and then got very
blessed with two boys and another girl.My life was
complete.When James died I thought my world would
end,but as time went on my family and friends got me
through.My daughter Chrystal was my rock.I was very
hurt,angery,and hated the world.Through this first
year James has made me very strong.James brought alot
of love and happiness into this world and wouldn't
want us to cry all the time.I want to thank you all
for lending an ear,listening to me cry,and keeping
James memories alive.Keep smiling and telling his
stupid stories(boy was there alot).Thank you to everyone.

By Mom

Monday will be a year since James death. A simple sentence but so powerful. I had heard people say that this would be a life changing thing but I never believed it until today. My week so far has been one of reflection. I am glad to have my work and family, they have kept me sane. I don't know if I should cry of laugh, I feel like doing both. I want to cry because of the hurt and I want to laugh because James would have loved all the attention. I miss him so. I can't believe that he will never blast threw a door again or call to tell us it's time to send cookies. I want one more pool game one more fishing trip one more..... but alas this is not meant to be. I will see him again on the other side I know but I long for him now.I try to celebrate his life and tried hard not to remember the day of his death but how could I not. I miss you my son and my friend. You are truly a shooting star.

By Dad/Tim

I cant believe this time has come... i miss you dearly
james! I wish you could come back! One year has came
and left... and the truth is i still cant believe your
gone. I wish i could have that one more brotherly hug
from you ! Just one more smile!James... you were not
only my brother you were my friend... i loved hanging
out with you! Every time you went to the beach i
always begged to go with you. Some times i heard a
yes, ran to my room to change and some times you didnt
want your little sis to tag along, so i call some one
to take me out there and i would find you and ask if i
could hang out with you. I love you james. and you are
always in my heart and prayers.... Love ya, Brit

xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxox sending you kisses from below! You
still lighten my day just by thinking of you!

By Brittany

Your wings are dry now and you have soared to heights we cannot see,
but in
the nano-second called life we will see you soon. We miss you and
your shining smile but we go on with our life as you with your new one.

By Uncle Phillip

james it has been one year and it still seems like yestersday that god took you from us.i remember the call.... i didnt believe that it happened and still cant believe it. I remember your smile the most.. your smile could lighten up a room. if we did have lights or the sun, all we would have to do is have you smile and you would light up the world. you were a funny kid, you could make anyone laugh. you were a great person, i remember the last day we were together. we were at the soda mechaine getting some pop and we seen a lady and her car was broke down, you called the guys and told them to come down and help this chick because she was hot...well me and you got a close up and realize it was a 40 or 50 year old lady and we just started to laugh. then she went to the side of the car and started to use the bathroom...we were freaking out..anyways the whole point of that story is that, that night i laughed so hard that my stomach was hurting..that was a great night. i remember when we were in MO and we did that ride where it flipped us in the air( me and monica) and then when you got on it i told your fat ass not to break it..i miss joking around with you everyday. i miss getting mad at you that your boobs are bigger then mine..i miss so much about you James. not one day goes by that i dont think of you and you smile..you are sooo greatly missed by so many people. i wish we just had atleast one more day with you just so that i could high five you again or see you falling asleep in morning meeting or to see you face walking down to jims room to play xbox. or to see you hanging out with monca and chris. just to see you one more time. if i had one wish it would be for you to still be with us. i know everyone says god has his reasons for everything he does..........WHAT IS THE REASON HE TOOK YOU FROM US...i dont understand and i probably never will. so all i can do now is hope that your safe up there and smile down to us from heaven. and always remember that we all love you and miss you very much. and remember that we will meet again and only god knews when that will be.so until that time....we miss you chuncky butt...until we meet again rip our sweet angel^i^

By Eva

friends )
RIP James Crawford 1985-2005

James..the past will never be forgotten. from hanging
out between classes in high school, to running around
the neighborhood screaming and scaring little kids and
having a haunted house in your garage with a chainsaw
on halloween, to driving ALL around town in your big
red truck dancin and singing and yelling out at random
people while we drove through the walmart parking lot,
to doing the fire drill running around the truck at
stop lights!, and hitting up every possible place
there was around here to just catch a few games of
pool together.

Thats just a few pages turned to the book of memories
we have had together. Id have to say the last summer
we hung out together before you got your job traveling
around was the best i have ever had! And yes james you
were definitly the #1 beach bum of us all!! Man all we
ever did during the day time on the beach was hacky
sack, swim, and party the nights away sleeping on the
beach! Theres nothing like running over a porter potty
with the Big Red and gettin away with it!!

It felt like you were more then just a guy i knew..
You were and will always be my best friend i will ever
have. We didnt have to go get into trouble and do
stupid things like everyone else did around here
breaking the laws..we got our pure excitement out of
doing things not many other people would think to do.
I will never forget the night we went to walmart and
you saw this Bright pair of yellow boxers with a huge
smiley face on them, and you told us "hey guys im
going to walk around and ask every single person i see
if i would look sexy in this pair of boxers and if i
should buy them or not.., if i get more yes's then
no's ill buy them for sure!" sure enough we were there
for a couple hours walkin around talking to every
single person who crossed our paths! and yes those
boxers came home with him that night! good times for

Well this is the annivarsary of the day you will never
be forgotten.. This day is your own special day where
family and friends and loved ones will all reminice of
the crazy times we have all shared with you and how
much energy and excitement you brought the first
second you would walk through any door! I miss you
dearly bro

I have a certain song that i listen to 3 times if not
more each and every day and it does nothing but make
me think of you and how strong a friendship really is
"Bro Hymn" by Pennywise..those words describe it all.
your in our hearts in our own special ways..

By Brian

It is with great pleasure that I contribute to the 1 year memorial for
James. I feel fortunate for having known James for the short time that
I spent with him. I remember his big smile, his long beach blonde
curled hair, his Hawaiian shirt (that needed to be washed), his ability to
make the best out of a tough situation, his ability to make people
smile, and most of all I admired James for his love for life. He is a
special person. A person that is full of love for his family and friends.
He immediately accepted me into his family and called me "Aunt Sherri".
I feel unfortunate that I did not know James longer. All my love goes
out to his family at this difficult time.
By Aunt Sherrie

This is just a note to sort of pay homage to James Crawford. I miss him as much as I'm sure you and everyone who knew him does. My only regret is that I wasn't able to share my feelings with his family and especially his Mother who I know he loved deeply. This is a time of the year where such feelings are important to those who care, so I only wanted to express them to you while they were on my mind. It is good reminder to think about our life, how we may never know when our time is up and that being said, how maybe now is good time for me to say to you how much of a honor it has been to have known you and how much your friendship means to me. Maybe it's hard to measure but if I tried it would rate with members of my own family and the people whom I love and respect. Thank you for being a good business aquantence and a loyal friend as well. I must admit that telling someone these things should probably happen more often because sometimes you never get the chance, and I regret that about James. I never really told him that I felt that way about him. I would have said the same thing to him if I had known what I know now, that you never know when you will never see someone again or have the chance to express yourself. I hope you don't think this is weak or not sincere. I am writing to all my friends and loved ones and if nothing else happens from now on this will be the time I do this every year and I will not let time excuse me from telling you all how I really feel. No matter where you go the rest of your life or what
you do, it has been a real pleasure knowing you.

By Belo


By Monica

Joyful filled everyone with love and laughter

Admired For the way he lived every moment with no

Missed by many who will remember his spirit and his
life forever

Extra large, chunky buddy, bear hugs, Belly dances and
big smiles

Sunshine, for everyone Met, a breath of fresh air, a
reminder of how great life and friends can be

I will miss you everyday, I think about you all the
time, your smile never leaves, its always in my

By Nat

My fondest memory of James is his smile. There were so many times hanging out with James, that were good. But one thing that all the good times had in common HE WAS SMILING AT ALL TIMES. He could light up the room. If tears could build a stair way and memories a sidewalk I'd walk to heaven and bring him back again..I miss you James and you will always be apart of my heart.

By Ashlie Buck
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